Tuli Wilderness

Welcome to Tuli Wilderness

Tuli Wilderness offers a wonderful natural location to awaken the explorer in you and to enjoy an authentic wilderness experience reminiscent of Africa a century ago.

Situated on an exclusive concession in the vast Northern Tuli Game Reserve in eastern Botswana, Tuli Wilderness is owner-managed by Stuart Quinn who has a wealth of experience in the southern African wildlife tourism, hospitality and training industry.The reason why men should list all existing illnesses and medicines before they are prescribed Vardenafil are potential contraindications. Affected are men who suffer from severe cardiovascular disease, especially the patient with very low blood pressure, as Vardenafil lowers the blood pressure by the vasodilation. In addition to the use of vardenafil are also men with impaired liver or kidney function. Also in the first six months after a heart attack and a stroke, the intake of Vardenafil should be avoided. This also applies to damage to the optic nerve or glaucoma. Buying Levitra online from www.buylevitra1.com is very convenient. When taking several drugs at the same time can cause so-called interactions, because some drugs react with each other. As a result, the effect can be strengthened, mitigated or even reversed. These include medicines for viral diseases and fungal infections. Medicines for the treatment of high blood pressure should not be taken simultaneously with vardenafil without consulting the doctor.

One has a wide variety of choices in the activities and accommodation that we offer, from professionally-guided game drives and walks in our tented safari camp to tough wilderness experiences sleeping on the ground amongst the elements to self-catering camping to luxurious walking experiences. Regardless as to what one is looking for, a memorable and exceptional personal experience will be found at Tuli Wilderness.



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