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The attached itinerary outlines a ‘normal’ week-long stay with us – we have found that a trip of this duration is preferable so as to be able to fully-immerse the children in the natural environment for a suitable period of time. We offer a well-rounded holistic wilderness adventure, with conservation education and the wilderness experience being at the core.

Dedicated game-viewers are available for each group, but we endeavour to spend a suitable amount of time on foot so as to really be a part of the natural environment. If there are several groups from the same school, they will be afforded opportunities to meet up in camps and spend time together for meals on occasion.

Day 1

Camp – Serolo Tented Camp

Day 2

Camp – Serolo Tented Camp

Day 3

Camp – Trails Camp

Day 4

Camp – Trails Camp

Day 5

Camp – Molema Bush Camp

Day 6

Camp – Mohave Bush Camp

Day 7


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