Field Trips and Groups – Schools

The framework of our integrated experience is one in which participants are removed from the demands and pressures of ‘normal’ life, and where cellular phones, emails, traffic and the like are absent. In this environment, in smaller groups than normally experienced within the school situation, the pupil is encouraged to be him/herself, gaining new insight, learning and applying new knowledge, and ultimately leaving with a fresh perspective and appreciation for the world we live in, and a realisation that content learned at school is relevant to ‘real’ life.

Our team includes experienced and highly-skilled professionals from within the conservation sector. The guides are based at camps in different localities within our reserve (including permanent camps, fly camps and bush camps), and they impart their specialist knowledge to the children in a practical manner.

Aside from the broader modules, each group will also be encouraged to spend time on foot and in mobile fly-camps, getting ‘back to basics’, as well as spending one night sleeping under the stars. There is also an opportunity provided for groups to spend some time in more comfortable accommodation, too, with running water, electricity and the like.

We leave it up to the school to pre-allocate the children into groups not exceeding 10 children and 1 teacher / staff member, thereby maximising and personalising each child’s experience.  The groups rotate through the different camps in turn, with every group getting to spend a full day and night with each specialist guide – and getting to spend time both in game-viewers and on foot.

Holiday experiences are on offer as well as trips to accommodate an entire school grade during term times.

Example of itinerary